Farm to Table: What Does That Really Mean?

According to Wikipedia, “Farm to table (or farm to fork) refers to a movement concerned with producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers. Linked to the local food movement, the movement is promoted by some in the agriculture, food service, and restaurant communities. It may also be associated with organic farming initiatives, sustainable agriculture, and community-supported agriculture.” Let’s say you get a voucher for a 10% off offer for summer and book a hotel in the countryside. Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the abundance of fresh, local produce & meats instead of stuff that has been shipped for thousands of miles and/or frozen?

But farm to table is a way of life in San Rafael, especially for many of the area’s estancias and vineyard properties such as Algodon Wine Estates. “The menu of our San Rafael restaurant, Chez Gaston at Algodon Wine Estates, only serves food that is produced either right here on our estate, or on a neighboring farm” says Scott Mathis, Chairman & Founder of Algodon Wine Estates. “This is as fresh as you can get. Our locally produced food is typical of the entire region’s restaurants, really. This is indicative of a lifestyle that attracts so many Americans to Mendoza in their retirement years. These are people seeking natural gourmet options, affordable luxury living, and a clean and healthy lifestyle. San Rafael has all of that, and more.”

Fodors confirms that Chez Gaston at Algodon Wine Estates is a “charming restaurant, nestled between a golf green and tennis courts, [and] the center of culinary activity in this luxury golf, tennis, and wine resort about 20 minutes’ drive from the center of town. Surrounded by ancient olive groves and vineyards, you can sit outside on the brick patio where pine-log tables are surrounded by comfy couches with puffy white cushions. Here you listen to birds singing while you sip Algodon wine and dine on high-quality (but never pretentious) regional dishes such as goat from nearby Malargüe (spring and summer) with quinoa. Many of the products used, such as the olives, fruits, and walnuts, are harvested right on the property, and bread is baked daily in a clay oven.”
Fodors also notes “Most of the region follows national culinary trends–beef, lamb, chicken, and pork a la parrilla (grilled). Second- and third-generation Italian restaurants serve family recipes enhanced with fresh ingredients like wild asparagus and mushrooms. Olive oil, garlic, melons (ripe February-March), and many other fruits and vegetables are grown locally.”

farm to table - vegetables
Farm table and harvest tables are the two traditional style tables. These tables are basically made to satisfy the clients who desire to add flavor and style. These farm tables are now one of the most selling tables. These tables are so attractive and good looking. Generally these are used as dining tables in the farmhouses. A farmhouse table can also be called as occasional table. So many shops around the world are selling these farm tables and the sale of this is increasing gradually. These tables are also available in the online shops; so anyone wants to buy a farm table, then he can book it through internet.

These farm tables are sort of primitive types of tables. And these tables are only being made for fulfilling the needs of their owners for a place to eat. But a farm table cannot be considered as a table to work for. These tables are the jumbo sized tables so it will be better to be a table to eat rather than a table to work. Generally these tables are not used in daily life; that is why they can be called as occasional tables.

The tables have an elegance which helps those to fit in any type of decoration and presentation. Another feature of these farm tables is they can be used in anything except work because the structure of these tables is not made for work. With this table another one has become very popular in the markets now. It is called as harvest table. Unlike farmhouse table, harvest table is also made to fulfill the clients’ needs. It is also used occasionally. But in the process of making this table, there is a bit difference between them. Harvest tables contain some woodworking techniques which is not present in the farmhouse tables.

Farm tables are getting popular in the world market especially in the markets of developed countries. People are buying tables to decorate their houses. Online markets have brought a great opportunity to buy them sitting in front of the computer or laptop in the house. The harvest tables are also are in the race with the farm tables. The price of these tables is affordable also; so one can easily buy it for his or her house. This is highly beneficial and economic. Choice can be made though online stores also from their wide array of items .

Farm Tables are one of those kinds of furniture that draw inspiration from the 18th and 19th centuries harvest tables found in American homes. Rather than being built by skilled artisans, the farm tables were assembled from large and rough planks. Even though we have many elegant and many beautiful design furniture available these days, but the rustic table say, the farm table even today has kept its value in the modern society. The farm tables are known to be antiques, have been holding the sense of antique charm still today.

So if you are one of those looking to have it for your home décor so that you can give your home a classier as well as a vintage look, then make sure you have picked up the farm table of your choice!

Below are given few tips and guidelines to find the best antique farm tables. Simply follow the guidelines to find the most suitable rustic table for your home décor.

Tips and guidelines –
In the edge of internet, the only way you can find classy and the most elegant designed farm table is through online. Buying antique farm tables from the local furniture store is not always a good idea, because local stores usually hold a very limited stock, hold the less variety; but in the other hand, online stores hold wide varieties with great artworks.
When it comes to giving your home an elegant and a fresh look, people often choose good pieces of furniture. You can also do the same and instead of having the modern furniture you can consider rustic table for enhancing the beauty of the home and can add the charm of 18th and 19th back in 21th century again.

As already said, online medium is the best way to find antique farm tables. So if you are an internet user, acquainted with online trading, it is better, if you Google and find a reliable store for buying farm table online.

Of course, there are many online outsets available. So it is important that you make sure the store you have chosen is the reliable one and has the furniture design you are looking for! The pieces of farm furniture are the great addition to the home décor. Therefore, it is significant that you should be more careful while picking the farm table of your taste along with the store!

Well, in the other hand, to find best selection of antique farm tables, chairs, you can log on to one of the leading online furniture stores too!

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